This clinic will provide counseling and occupational therapy assessments as well as speech and physical therapy assessments as needed. The goal of the clinic is to identify underlying issues and provide treatment recommendations and resources. We do not prescribe any medications. 

How to register: Complete the intake form

 Under reason for visit put “behavior clinic”. 

We will need orders from your child’s primary physician for “counseling, OT, PT and ST evaluation and treatment”. Please call your child’s physician and ask them to fax over orders. 

We will also need your insurance information. Make sure to complete this section on the intake form. We will check your insurance for approval of services and if there are co-pays or deductibles. 

Once we have all the necessary information, we will call to schedule a time for your child’s assessment.  


Does your child demonstrate the following behaviors? 


  • Tantrums that are intense and frequent or last for significant amount of time

  • Physical aggression toward others

  • Self harm; head banging, cutting, pinching or hitting self

  • Intense verbal outburst

  • Negative self talk

  • Loss of interest in activities

  • Inability to play well with others

  • Defiant behaviors

  • Lying, blaming others for their behavior

  • Impulsive

  • Poor attention

  • Prefers to play alone

  • Tells others how to play

  • Needs to be perfect

  • Takes risk / Has poor safety awareness

  • Steals

  • Seems unaware of others emotions

  • Breaks toys or others items intentionally

Behavioral Clinic

Behavioral Clinic  

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