• Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated

  • No calories, no sugar -- plain water

  • Water helps with circulation, concentration, focus

    • 4-8 oz/day for 6-12 mo olds

    • 8-32 oz/day for 12-24 mo olds

    • 8-40 oz/day for 2-5 yrs olds

  • Be a role model, start the habit early, and add fruit if your child does not like plain water

  • Signs of dehydration for toddlers and infants – overly sleepy, fewer wet diapers, sunken soft spot on head, no tears when crying, constipation

  • Signs of dehydration for older kids – dry lips, sticky mouth, less urination, sleepy/irritable, flushed skin

  • Signs of dehydration for athletes – dry lips or mouth, lightheadedness, cramps, thirst, dark or less urine, headache, rapid pulse, flushed skin, excessively hot or cold

  • Drinking water throughout the day and not just when you become thirsty builds a habit to drink the recommended daily amount.


Some of the benefits of water

  • Supports the development and functioning of joints

  • Helps blood flow and carry nutritents and oxygen to cells

  • Assists in balancing body temperature

  • Aids in digestion and regularity of bowel movements

  • Maintains a healthy body weight while increasing metabolism

  • Improves mood, memory and attention