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Mild dehydration leads to symptoms like fatigue, headache, and poor endurance. Longer term, chronic lack of fluids affects the kidneys, the liver, the brain, and can lead to constipation

  • Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated

  • No calories, no sugar -- plain water

  • Water helps with circulation, concentration, focus

  • Be a role model, start the habit early, and add fruit if your child does not like plain water

  • Signs of dehydration for toddlers and infants – overly sleepy, fewer wet diapers, sunken soft spot on head, no tears when crying, constipation

  • Signs of dehydration for older kids – dry lips, sticky mouth, less urination, sleepy/irritable, flushed skin

  • Signs of dehydration for athletes – dry lips or mouth, lightheadedness, cramps, thirst, dark or less urine, headache, rapid pulse, flushed skin, excessively hot or cold

  • Drinking water throughout the day and not just when you become thirsty builds a habit to drink the recommended daily amount.


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