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Why You Must Get Rid of Your Child's Pacifier

1. Increased risk of ear infections

2. Other infections:Several studies have shown that pacifiers are often colonized with Candida and bacterial organisms (typically nonpathogenic).One study found 21 of 40 pacifiers to have a positive culture finding, with none containing the common pathogens of otitis media.Latex pacifiers are more significantly colonized with Candida and Staphylococcus than silicone pacifiers

3. Dental issues: Prolonged use can cause changes in the shape of the roof of the mouth. Prolonged use can also prevent proper growth of the mouth and create problems with tooth alignment.

4. Self regulation: a pacifier can help a child with self regulation. However, what they can’t make up for are physical touch, eye contact, affection, and human warmth. It’s not enough to just give a baby a pacifier and walk away.

What’s more, it’s better to save a pacifier for when it’s truly necessary. For example, when you’re driving in the car and it’s impossible to pick your baby up and comfort him.

In order for children to learn to regulate their emotions on their own, they need someone to have fulfilled this function for them. Therefore, it’s essential for the adults in their lives to be available for them. In short, remember that what your baby really needs is you, and pacifiers are optional.

How To Get Rid of Your Child's Pacifier 

1. Cold Turkey: Throw ALL Pacifiers away. If choosing this method be prepared for difficult day. It is important to not give in and that everyone around your child ison board.


2. "Broken pacifier": Make pin holes in every pacifier. Make the holes larger every few days. Tell your child that as they get older pacifiers stop working. 

3. Give it away: Leave it for Santa, an Elf, the Easter Bunny or "mail" it to someone who needs it.

4. Weaning: Decrease the amount of time your child is using the pacifier. Limit the time to nap and night time. Over time, decrease to night time only then take away completly. 

Books about getting rid of pacifiers

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