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Initial referral: We will take basic information from you regarding your child and family. We will request your child's medical and insurance information.Physician's orders are required for all therapy services 

Once we have physician orders, an evaluation will be scheduled. Your child may require evaluations from multiple therapies depending on your concerns. 

Following the evaluation, the therapist will meet with you and discuss concerns. If your child is an candidate for therapy, we will schedule treatment times. 

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We accept Alabama Medicaid, Blue Cross, and Viva. We offer private pay rates as well.We will verify your insurance and inform you of your cost. 


All children are different and so are their therapy needs. Some children will require intensive services (2-3 items per week) for 3 - 6 months. Other children may require long term services. We will meet with you regularly and monitor progress continuously.  

Insurance Coverage Cost

Alabama Medicaid: Therapy services are covered under Alabama Medicaid without a co-pay

ALLKids: Therapy  services are covered under ALLKids. Some plans require a small copay of $13.00.

Blue Cross and Other Private Insurance: Each policy varies. Many policies will cover up to 15 visits after the deductible is met. A  pre-certification for any additional visits is typically required. A copay is usually required.

Private Pay: We offer a variety of plans that are cost effective. 

Understanding Health Insurance 

Insurance requires you to meet your deductible before they begin paying a portion for services. If you have not met your deductible, you will pay the set fee for services until the deductible is met. Once met, you will be responsible for the copay or coinsurance required by your insurance company.


Your deductible is the amount of money you pay out-of-pocket for covered health care services before your insurance company pays anything. 

After you pay your annual deductible, your insurance starts paying its portion of the cost of covered care you receive for the rest of the year. Depending on the service, the health care provider, and your insurance, your portion of the cost of care covered by the plan after you’ve met your deductible may be a copayment or coinsurance amount.


A copayment, or copay, is a fixed amount of money you pay for a covered health care service. The amount can vary by the type of service. Your health insurance plan determines what your copayment is for different types of healthcare services, which you typically pay at the time you receive the service.


Coinsurance is the share of the cost of a covered health care service that you pay after you’ve reached your deductible. It’s usually a percentage of the approved medical expense. Once you have  met your deductible, you might pay 20% of the cost of the health service or procedure, for instance. Your insurance company would pay the balance.

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