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At The Hyche Center, we don’t come to work…we come to play!

We know the model of how we deliver healthcare in this country is changing. Most large organizations are run like corporate factories. But not us. What makes us different is that we’re a family-owned business that still runs and feels like one large family.  

The No. 1 reason why employees like working here is because they get to be part of a true multi-disciplinary environment. We give employees a chance to learn from one another and interact with the children they serve. Not only will you get to help children, you’ll also help improve the quality of life for their family.

More than 90 percent of our referrals come from physicians. Our growth reflects the satisfaction of parents who refer their friends for our expert therapeutic services and personalized attention.  Just Google The Hyche Center and read the raving reviews online for yourself.

Here are a few other reasons why employees love working here:

  • Mentors matter. All of our new employees are given the opportunity to participate in our year-long mentorship program.

  • Your voice counts. Our management team is transparent, approachable and encourages everyone to grow as a leader.

  • Growing together. You’ll have lots of opportunities to grow — and get promoted!

  • We’re a blast! Employee events galore — you name it, we’ll do it as a team! There’s nothing we love more than a social outing or participating in a volunteering activity.

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