Children often have difficulty with feeding and/or swallowing. For some children it is a sensory issue. They may not like the texture of a specific food or they may be very rigid in what they are willing to try. Other children have oral motor deficits that result in difficulty sucking or chewing well. Children with poor oral motor skills and / or swallowing deficits are at significant risk for aspiration. 

​Our team is able to evaluate and treat feeding and swallowing disorders. Our SLPs are trained in Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). NMES is used to aid muscle strengthening and muscle recruitment to rehabilitate the swallow.

Safe and efficient feeding and swallowing skills are important to allow children to meet their nutritional requirements as they grow. Eating with family and friends is also an important social activity.




Feeding clinic for infants and children 

on Thursday, May 28th. 


This clinic will provide assessments completed by  speech and occupational therapist, as well as  physical therapy  and counseling assessments, as needed. The goal of the clinic is to identify underlying issues and provide treatment recommendations and resources. 

Assessments will be completed by Master’s and/or Doctorate level therapist with a special interest in feeding. Our staff includes speech therapist that are certified in NMES for swallowing disorders. 


How to register: Complete the intake form

 Under reason for visit put “feeding  clinic”. 

We will need orders from your child’s primary physician for “counseling, OT, PT and ST evaluation and treatment”. Please call your child’s physician and ask them to fax  orders. 

We will also need your insurance information. Make sure to complete this section on the intake form. We will check your insurance for approval of services and if there are co-pays or deductibles. 

Once we have all the necessary information, we will call to schedule a time for your child’s assessment.