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Learning to Tie Shoes


~Make sure your child understands the concepts of over/under/up.

~Work on making a knot first!

~When forming a knot, cross laces to form an X. Pinch with non-dominant hand where laces cross.

~Tie knots using 1” felt strips onto yarn to make a garland!

~Make sure the laces are long enough.

~You can mark the laces with dots for where your child needs to hold the loop.

~Practice tying with a larger cord or jump rope.

~Practice making a bow with wired ribbon tied around a medium sized box – tying a present is fun!

~ Start with the practice board or shoe on the table. When your child can tie the shoe on the table, then they can try while it is on their foot.

~After mastering a knot, try different tying techniques and see what works best for your child.

1. Traditional way: make a loop; then circle the other lace around that loop and pass it through the hole to make the second loop.

2. Two loop/bunny ears: Form each lace into a loop, then tie them in a knot.

3. Push and tie: Tie a knot, then tie a second (looser) knot. Take the end of the lace, and thread it back through the knot to make the loop. Check it out here:

4. Easy way to tie: push the end of the lace in the top hole of the shoe, forming a loop; repeat with other lace. Then tie the loops into a knot. Tie another knot on top, then push ends of laces back out. Watch here: EASIEST shoe tying trick ever

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