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Practice makes progress

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Children playing sports practice several times per week. Practice is not optional. Practice develops the basic skills required to play the game. Therapy is practice as well. Therapy services assist your child in developing the skills they need for daily living.

Outpatient services require a physician's order and the skill of a licensed therapist. Therapy services must be identified as "medically necessary" for insurance to reimburse for therapy. The intent of therapy services is to assist children in reaching milestones,improving performance and gaining independence. No progress, limited or even slow progress can result in insurance terminating coverage for services. Progress comes with practice. Practice means attending every scheduled appointment and following up with home activities.

Weekly, sometimes two or three times per week can be exhausting and expensive. It is a commitment for the entire family and an investment in your child's future. Therapist schedule a specific time for your child. When you do not show up, the clinic does not get reimbursed, resulting in negative income (the reason why services are limited). It also prevents another child from receiving needed services.

If you choose therapy for your child, attendance is required.

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